5 Simple and Powerful ways to overcome Depression.

Depression is a mood disorder and causes loss of interest in usual activities, feeling miserable and low motivation. Depression is common but serious mood disorder. One in three people will experience a major depressive phase at some stage in their lives.

When someone is depressed, she/he tends to see the things in a negative way and when things go wrong they blame themselves. Always recurring negatives thoughts in mind about being guilty and unworthy person.

Major cause of Depression is you lose interest in your hobbies that you once enjoyed doing. A high level depressed person has very high chances of getting addicted to alcohol and smoking and that causes future health issues.

Depression is a difficult emotion to deal with so here are simple but powerful 5 ways to overcome depression.  

1. Don’t isolate yourself from others, keep yourself busy and focus on what you love to do. Try to distract yourself from negative thoughts. Be active and be around people .

2. Do exercise regularly & have a good satisfying meal. Take a walk. Do whatever it takes to stay positive. Listen to music or watch a movie that makes you happy.

3. Ask for help. It is okay we all need a bit of help sometimes. It’s okay to ask people for help and its okay to not be able to fight through your problems alone.  Look for support from people who care about you without feeling like you are being judged.

4. Surround yourself with positive people, they will support and encourage your happiness and development.

5. Challenge negative thoughts. Depression is a common mental health problem that changes how you think . Control the negative thoughts that lead to loss of interest and feelings of worthlessness.

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