A lost Dog who waited 4 Years has finally been reunited with its owner, but there’s another twist.

Dogs are one of the most loyal animals known to man. As an example of their love and loyalty, A Loyal dog waits by roadside for four years at exact spot where he lost his owner.

A dog was accidentally left behind by his owners around four years ago. He never left that place and patiently waited four long years until the return of his family.

The dog was being fed by one of the local residents, Saowalak Pinnuchawet. Local residents named him Leo and took care of it over the past four years.

Ms Saowalak had tried to take the dog home, but every time Leo escaped and was found in the same spot by the road. In the end, she let him but still brought over some food regularly. This went on for years with the feeder taking care of Leo without forcing him to bring home. She let Leo where he wanted to be.

A Thai netizen shared the story of the dog identified as Leo, saying that he was believed to be waiting for his owner and shared some pictures.

The dog’s heartbreaking situation post went viral in Thailand, eventually reaching his owner. The owner got in touch with the man who made the Facebook post and explained that she and her family lost a dog named BonBon four years ago. The owner said that their dog had the same appearance as the one in the pictures.

Owner Noi Sittisarn said her dog Bong Bong had gone missing after jumping down from her pickup truck in 2015. She and her family searched for BonBon back in the roads that they passed but to no avail.

The family was extremely happy to find out that he was alive and well after so many years. They came to bring BonBon home.

At the sight of seeing his real owner, Leo could not hide his excitement. Leo was really happy to see his family, but surprisingly not willing to follow them home.

In the end, the dog didn’t want to come home with them and appeared to prefer to stay behind with the woman who had been caring for him all of those long years.

Owner Noi Sittisarn supported BonBon’s decision and let him stay with Saowalak. Saowalak and other locals promising to feed him everyday and Noi pledging to visit regularly.

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