Lena Headey Tattoos : She has ‘Goddess Durga’ & ‘God Ganesha’ Tattoo.

Actress Lena Headey, who is playing the most popular Cersei Lannister character in Game of thrones , She got her arm inked with ‘Goddess Durga’ tattoo.

Lena Headey tattoos

lena heady Goddess Durga tatoo
Lena Headey’s Goddess Durga tatoo

She appeared in an Instagram post with her newest tattoo: the Hindu goddess Durga.

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Lena Headey also has a tattoo with Hindu God – Ganesha – in lotus on her right upper arm. Lord Ganesha is the god of luck and removes obstacles.

lena headey tattoos

Lena Headey revealed that she loves tattoos and she’s got many of them on her body.

Her old reply on twitter about India.

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