Amsterdam is famous for its canals, beautiful houses, coffee shops and Red Light District. Amsterdam is one of the most popular stops for tourists and it is one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Europe and visited by approximately 14 million travelers every year. There is something for every traveller’s taste.

Amsterdam offers so many different kinds of experiences. Here are some Amazing things you should know about Amsterdam.


City of Canals

Amsterdam is a city of canals. There are 165 Amsterdam canals that combine for a length of over 100 kilometers and There are more than 1,700 bridges in Amsterdam.
Some locals live in houseboats on the canals of Amsterdam. There are around 3,000 houseboats in Amsterdam. Amsterdam canals is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and walking around these canals is a treat in and of itself.


Heineken experience.

Beer lovers won’t be disappointed with the Netherlands which happens to be the world’s 2nd largest exporter of beer. You can the Heineken experience.

Red Light District

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Brothels have been legal in Amsterdam since 2000, where over 290 red-lit window beckon visitors.

Note :Don’t click pictures of women at the Red Light District.


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Marijuana is not exactly legal in the Netherlands, but possession and purchase of 5 grams of “soft drugs” is widely tolerated. Coffee shops in Amsterdam are allowed to sell “soft drugs” and are strictly regulated and taxed. Hard drugs are strictly prohibited.

Note : Don’t light up a joint outside coffee shops and don’t buy drugs from local street dealers. 

There Are Bikes Everywhere

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There are more bikes than people in Amsterdam, about 880.000. Many people in Amsterdam have more than one bike. People have their ‘station bike’ and more than 15,000 bicycles are pulled out of Amsterdam’s canals each year.

In Amsterdam 50.000 bikes get stolen every year, which is 8% of the total amount of bikes. So rent a bike and explore this extremely bike-friendly city. Note : Avoid walking on cycle paths.


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The Dutch people are known for their friendly and welcoming nature. People From Amsterdam Speak Many Language.

Amsterdam is such a multicultural city, over 85% of Amsterdam residents can speak more than two languages – usually Dutch, English. If you can speak basic English you’ll have no problem communicating.

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