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Singhgad Fort , earlier known as Kondhana Fort, The Fort located at around 35 km southwest of the city of Pune, India.

Chtrapati Shivaji’s trsusted and brave general Tanaji Malusare,fought a battle here all alone with the Mughal army. on hearing news of his death, Chtrapati Shivaji Maharaj said. “We won the fort but lost the lion” (“Gad Ala Pan Sinha Gela”), and so after his death Chh. Shivaji Maharaj renamed this “Kondhana” fort as “Sinhagad”.

Singhagad Fort

There are two gates to enter the fort, the Kalyan Darwaza and Pune Darwaza which are positioned at the south east and north-east ends respectively. The fort was also strategically located at the centre of a string of other Maratha Empire forts such as Rajgad Fort, Purandar Fort and Torna Fort.

The Sinhagad Fort is a popular weekend destination for many residents of Pune and on a list of must visit places for tourists.

Trekking at Sinhagad fort

The trek to the fort is mostly straight up and the track is rocky but not very difficult and okay for amateur trekkers. It is best done in the early morning hours when the place is less crowded. The trek involves a one-way walk of 2.7 km (1.6 miles) over which the walker gains about 600 m (1950 feet) in elevation.

The trek starts from the base village, it takes around 1 1/2 hours to get to the top. The trek path is Must visit place if you want to go for a short trek around Pune.

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Food at Singhgad fort

You can try the authentic Maharashtrian food at tip of the Sinhagad Fort. It includes Pitla bhakari (Pitla is a spicy, runny, thick curry made of besan), Vangaych Bharit (sabji prepared after roasting brinjal) , thecha (spicy condiment prepared using onion ,chilly and ginger-garlic paste) and Matka Dahi (Home made Curd).

Note : Non-Vegetarian food, Partying including alcoholic beverages and smoking is banned on the fort.

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Best time to visit Sinhagad Fort

June to March

How to reach Singhgad Fort

By Air : Nearest Airport is Pune

By Train : Nearest Railway Station is Pune

By Road: 35-40 kms from Pune city. Local buses are available every hour from Pune city to AatekarVasti (Sinhagad Paitha).

Historical important Spots at Singhgad Fort

Statue of Tanaji Malusare : More about Tanaji Malusare

Pune Darwaza (Gate)

Kalyan Darwaza (Gate)

Chatrapati Rajaram Memorial : Chatrapati Rajaram Raje Bhosle was the younger son of Chatrapathi Shivaji. He died in Sinhagad fort.

Tanaji Kada: Tanaji Kada was named after commander Tanaji Malusare who was martyr after conquering the fort against Mugal Sardar Udaybhan Singh

Lokmanya Tilak Bungalow : Bal Gandagdhar Tilak used the fort as a summer retreat. It is here where Mahatma Gandhi after his return from South Africa had a historic meeting with Tilak. The bungalow has his bust at the entrance.

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