Why Work From Home Is Not That COOL? Challenges Of Working From Home

Working from home seems like a fantasy for many employees. There are a lot of benefits of working from home but there’s another side of the coin.

There are many misconceptions about working from home. Many people think working from home is easy and those who work-at-home don’t really work.

Some people think working from home is a luxury that allows working in pajamas, spending more time with family. But in reality, working from home is harder than working in an office.

Here are some challenges you face while working from home.

1. There is no separation between work and home

The biggest challenge you face while working from is keeping a strict work-life balance. 

Working from home is that you’re not limited to working in an office cubicle. When the line between home and work gets blurred, you’ll find that when your home is also your workplace and you never leave work.

If there are no proper boundaries when it comes to your work and home, things can get a little complicated.

2. Distractions

When you’re working from home it’s easy to get distracted in the comforts of home .You’re easily available for family members that distracted you from your job.

Also, there are a million distractions around you whether it is your mobile phones, TV, YouTube etc.

Lack of focus is one of the greatest enemies of productivity. Family members who constantly interrupting, phone calls, social media and any other distraction, lower your performance and make you waste time and energy. Stay focused on you work can be a challenge.

3. Misconceptions about working from home.

There are so many misconceptions about working from home; People think you’re never really doing anything and it’s easy to work from home.

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4. Impact On Relationship

Working from home is a big change to one’s personal and professional life, since both roles are happening in the same place. Sometimes it can be hard on relationship because there are no proper boundaries between your work and personal life. Also, it is much easier for work-related stress to impact relationship.

It’s easy for the relationship to simply burn out because you don’t have a set schedule; you’re always busy answering emails and calls when you at home. If your partner works from office, it can be tougher, because you and your partner may struggle to stay on the same page.

5. It’s lonely

Missing the social aspect of an office job is one of the disadvantages of working from home. Human is social animal and with no co-workers in your working space at home, you may find yourself missing simply being around other people. When you work at home by yourself every day, socializing can be a challenge and make your working from home lonely.

6. Miscommunication with your coworkers

It’s harder to communicate if some of your team works in an office but you don’t. There are lots of little misunderstandings that can occur when you don’t have the benefit of body language, facial expression.

The only real solution is to communicate as much as possible—clarifying anything that could be a misunderstanding.

7. Health Issues

Maintaining your physical and mental health can be all the more difficult when you working from home, there’s usually even less physical activity: No walking around an office, no coworkers to go on a coffee breaks. Load of work, Loneliness, late night work may lead to stress.

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